Golfers for Scholars

Golfing for our Youth Since 1998

It all began back in 1998, when, after

several years of playing just for fun,

the Redmond Realtors had a few

dollars left over from their raffles

and thus, the scholarship fund was


Now, 22 years later, Redmond

Realtors, Inc. has been able to

award scholarships to nearly 200 students totaling over $150,000! Each year, as the tournament grows, we are able to impact the lives of more students, giving them an opportunity that they may otherwise never have had. 

In 2020, the Golfers for Scholars fundraiser tournament will include a formal dinner event during the evening following the tournament. We invite you to take part in this special dinner event. Attendees will have the privilege of hearing from past scholarship award recipients as to how these scholarships have enriched and impacted their lives. The evening will feature dinner, cocktails, both live and silent auctions, and conclude with music and dancing.